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 Matrix Online Story summary, 8.3.5 Continued (11-8 ~ 11-14)

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Matrix Online Story summary, 8.3.5 Continued (11-8 ~ 11-14) Empty
PostSubject: Matrix Online Story summary, 8.3.5 Continued (11-8 ~ 11-14)   Matrix Online Story summary, 8.3.5 Continued (11-8 ~ 11-14) Icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2007 10:19 am

##Establishing Secure Communications Link Please Wait....##
##Secure Link Established##

//Incoming Transmission//
//Transmission: Live Event Recap//
//ID: Chapter 8.3, Week 5 Story Summary Continuation//

##Connection Established##

The Exile known as Digger showed some operatives a dungeon room hidden in the tunnels deep below Rawlins Corner, explaining that he believed it to be a direct code re-creation of a room from the second version of the Matrix. Digger and the operatives also engaged in some speculation as to Machine manipulation of symbols from the Book of Genesis, along the lines of theories propounded by philosopher Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, and the possibility of multiple Matrix simulations running one inside the other. Among other ideas floated, GreatWyrm suggested that the Earth's ruined sky could be compared to the flaming sword set down to prohibit man from re-entering the biblical Garden of Eden.

A number of operatives went on a tour of the Ouroboros corporate headquarters in Creston Heights, conducted by an irritatingly chipper, yet somewhat evasive, tour guide. Several odd pieces of information came to light about the giant electronics manufacturer.

Machine operatives were contacted by a Zionite named Cpahr, hoping they would return to him a personal digital assistant program he'd lost when the Machines sacked the old Zion mainframe. Upon interrogation, it appeared that the program, ZAITSO, might have some knowledge of previous conversations with the EPN leader, the Kid. Operatives decided to keep ZAITSO for further questioning, much to the sensitive Cpahr's dismay.

Zionites attempted to evacuate a veteran operative, Viellard, compromised by the RSI archive the Machines had captured from the Zion mainframe. Machine programs formed a cordon at the nearest hardline, however, and Viellard, attempting to evade the cordon, was caught by the Machine operative Darjarian, and killed by Machine operative Starschwar.

//Datastream Closed//

##Connection Terminated##
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Matrix Online Story summary, 8.3.5 Continued (11-8 ~ 11-14)
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