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 Update 56 notes

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PostSubject: Update 56 notes   Update 56 notes Icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2007 10:16 am

The Matrix Online Story Continues in Episode 9.1!
Chapter 9.1 begins with a new cinematic and critical mission on Thursday, 11/15, plus a new critical mission follows on the next four Thursdays: 11/22, 11/29, 12/6, and 12/13.

Chapter 8 Missions Archived
Archived versions of the chapter 8 critical missions are now available from Archive Vendors. Get all nine chapter 8 mission archive tokens by completing the archived subchapters for each organization. Turn them in to one of the Organization Collectors for the chapter 8 mission archive reward item.

Changes and Improvements

Organization collectors now offer tickets for archived chapter 8 missions and a new FX reward item for completing them. The collectors also offer organization-inspired rewards for turning in all completion tokens for a single organization's archived chapter 5-8 missions.
Mission archive chapter reward FX items now have a System chat panel activation message.
A new option has been added to the Options window on the Game tab. The new option is Scripted Bullet Time Camera. This option controls whether or not your camera goes through the scripted bullet time behavior when a bullet time animation plays or stays where you have placed it (distance or position relative to the player's model.)
There is now an option for turning off the scripted bullet time camera in the Game Options > Advanced Key Bindings > Camera window.
Toned down the viral deflection FX and made it fade in and out smoothly instead of popping on/off.
Ability interlock accuracy bonuses are now shown. These are the base values added to a player's total and are not reflected in the player's bonus panel. These values are influenced.
Doubled the buffs of the special event/reward items with level-scaling Resistances: Anniversary T-Shirts, Demon Army Trench (Merovingian chapter 1-4 archive reward), Security T-Shirt, Verdigris Shirt, Formal Gloves. The buffs on these items now range from +2 to +22 in all Resistances as player level increases from 1 to 50 (the old Resistance buff range was +1 to +11).
Reduced the shine on the large revolver slightly.

Bug Fixes

Corrected "critical" to "archive" in the details text of archive clothing reward items.
Pulling a jumping player into interlock with an ability will no longer prevent them from using their own abilities
Fixed the order of messages on a computer in phase 2 of Sunshine's second mission, "Night for Day."
Fixed a typo in a message on a computer in the second phase of Sunshine's second mission, "Night for Day."
Fixed the Oracle's dress at low level of detail (thanks Croesus).
Fixed the edges of the world in the Zero One and One Zero archive constructs being clearly visible near the horizon.
The bamboo trees in the Yuki and Sakura archives no longer disappear when viewed near the edge of the screen.
Fixed skeletal distortion at the shoulders and hips that occurred on females, and to a lesser degree on small males and large males, during many weapon combat animations.
Fixed many Exiles who were missing combat animations, including lupines, blood-drinkers, Gargoyle, succubi, and Zero One / One Zero robots.
Fixed some animation-related problems with Ookami's character model.
Inner Strength taken while attempting to use Ghost Strike when visible is now refunded.
Fixed an outdated reference to the truce in Zion's "seduction" graduation mission, "Meet with Niobe." (Thanks Othinn1.)
Fixed a typo in Flood's text in Merv 8.3.3 (thanks GypsyJuggler).
Fixed a typo in Tyndall's opening message in Zion critical mission 8.3.3.
Replaced the non-Agenty "you're" contraction from the border Agent shout "You're not authorized in this area" with "you are."
Sitting effect now penalizes all defense types.
Automatic style switches will no longer display 'Ability is not loaded' when the requested style is not loaded.
Escape Moves now use Withdraw Tactics and fail while enraged.
Area effect group heals/upgrades are no longer applied to dead characters.
Consumables can now be used from the actions panel.
Using decompile or repair tools on empty slots no longer cause them to modify other slots.
Master Shadow’s details have been updated to properly indicate prerequisites required for use.
Delete Upgrade 2.0 should now use the proper FX on the target when the target is affected by the ability.
Paralyzing Throw now properly indicates to the user when the target is rooted.
Find Weakness no longer stacks with Upgrade Master.
Delete Upgrade 2.0 now has a more appropriate casting animation length.
Fixed "retreived" typo in System Chat notification when getting attachments from emails.
After using shift+up arrow to bring back a previous tell, pressing space bar will now add a space.
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Update 56 notes
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