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 Want to change the look of your RSI? RSI Pill info:

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PostSubject: Want to change the look of your RSI? RSI Pill info:   Fri Nov 23, 2007 9:08 am

RSI Modification Pills
Dungeon NPCs (except for the NPCs in the boss area of the bottom floor) and the bosses themselves now have a chance of dropping pills that permanently alter a component of your character's RSI when used. These pills can also be traded or sold. Different pill types can be found in different dungeons:

* Mars Industrial Storage: Hair Color A (1-10, natural)
* Casinos: Hair Style (1-19 female, 1-18 male)
* Old Hammerville High: Hair Color B (11-20, natural)
* Old Talbot Building: Hair Color C (21-32, artificial)
* Abandoned Subway: Tattoos (1-8 )
* Rawlins Corner: Facial Color (1-8 )
* Ole Miller Projects: Facial Style ( 1-12 female, 1-13 male)
* Orchid Public Bath: Skin Tone A (1-8 )
* White Lotus Hotel: Skin Tone B (9-16 )
* South Vauxton Apartments: Head A (1-10 )
* Hampton Green Hotel: Head B (11-20 female, 11-19 male)
* Creston Heights Museum: Body Type (1-3 )

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Want to change the look of your RSI? RSI Pill info:
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